I believe Moore, unlike Al Frankin, there are photos

I believe Moore , unlike Al Frankin , there are photos .Nelson’s boy friend at the time was dating her and he never once saw Moore in the restaurant as she says he was there EVERY day . And he was never barred from the mall …..lots on accusations, with no proof!! Gloria Al read wont turn over the year book , so experts can check it for fraudulent attempt in the hand writing .But some of this same stuff happened to Donald when he was running for president . Innocent ,till proven guilty!! American’s do some sick sad things in elections to get their way.

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If you are okay with Roy Moore for Senate in spite of…

If you are okay with Roy Moore for Senate in spite of the allegations against him you are also a sick 🤢puppy. Even convicted felons and demented 🤪criminals are against those that prey on children.

If you are okay with a “Child Molester” you are in collusion with his sick, perverted acts and no better than he is.
To my friends that claim to be republican or conservatives you and support this pervert please let me know so I can unfriend you, this is against the very bedrock of what the GOP believes in, so many conservatives will not vote or even support a candidate that is pro-choice but I believe that this pervert is worst than an abortionist he took away the innocence of young women, this guy makes me SICK 🤮.

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Trump’s defense of Roy Moore

I don't understand why anyone would be surprised by Trump's defense of Roy Moore…. what is sickening to me is that he…

Posted by Loveann Truitt on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Roy Moore not stepping back or stepping down

Just heard Roy Moore’s press conference. I am so happy he’s not stepping back or stepping down. In fact, he said the one person who should step down is Mitch McConnell, and he is right. Thank you, Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate. I’m proud of you. I can’t wait until you are seated in the Senate and can take on the establishment Republicans.
I’ll post a link to the press conference as soon as it’s available.


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Ali Velshi vs Roy Moore’s lawyer

The news anchor, Ali Velshi, is Muslim and has an Indian father and a South African mother— but this dumbass lawyer defending Roy Moore is clearly in way over his head and didn’t specify what the hell he was talking about when he randomly chose to mention Ali Velshi’s background. It wasn’t relevant and seemed very bigoted. This lawyer is defending a child molester and has no idea what he’s doing. …And when you’re done watching this video, here’s another video of this same lawyer giving another trainwreck interview. In it, he calls Don Lemon “Don Lemon Squeazy.” It’s dreadful:


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Accusations against Roy Moore

Well, it appears that there is an honest man among all those questionable feminists making 30+ year-old supposed sexual improprieties accusations against Roy Moore. My suggestion to Judge Moore ‘s attorneys is very simple – Follow the money! Find the best forensic accountant; hire him/her to establish whether or not any or all of these accusers have suddenly come into an unexplained monetary windfall. Whoops, there it is! Problem solved.

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Roy Moore fights his inner demons

This is a really good piece. It refers to Moore as the latest public example, but also provides examples from the Democrats such as John Edwards. IMHO, this piece is not preachy and rings true.

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Roy Moore have been kept secret

I never ceases to amaze me how quickly conservatives are “tried and convicted” in the media and by so called “good” people. How can this breaking news about Roy Moore have been kept secret for so many years of his political life and suddenly just before this very important election be remembered?? amazing or bull dung, I think the latter.

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Roy Moore is truly frightening

Roy Moore is truly frightening. The greatest threat posed by Roy Moore is not the possibility that he is a pedophile; rather it is his admitted and proud proclamation that he is a theocrat. Specifically his evangelical Protestant faith. As a judge, He has stated that he interprets law based on his personal religious beliefs. Think about this for a second. Imagine if you had to face a judge that ignored the constitution in the execution of the law and instead followed their beliefs as a Protestant, a Mormon, or a Jehovah’s Witnesses, or a Scientologists, or a Sunni, or Hindu, or Yanomamo, or sharia, or the great Flying Spaghetti Monster, … (I am not specifically picking on any of these belief systems, you can insert any religious belief that you do not follow to make the point). Yes, pedophiles can destroy the lives of individuals and families that they assault, but a theocrat denies the freedom of all citizens and destroys the foundation of a democratic society.

This admission should absolutely nullify Roy Moore’s eligibility to serve as a judge or serve in any public office.

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