Investigation on Russian interference

I honestly don’t know what to think about this. Is Trump threatening “ people will die” if the investigation on Russian interference into our elections is not stopped and us not dropping sanctions imposed on Russia , or is he afraid for himself or someone close to him. Either way it doesn’t sound good and it just makes it all the more alarming that we get to the bottom of this mess soon!

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Sanders Supporters and Russia Investigation

Any leftist thinker with a brain must consider two things. When Rex Tillerson hires the Russian government to provide security to the American embassy, when it was known for years that it was bugged by the KGB, is this an international oligarchy overtaking Nation States? Also, could you possibly think that the Russian government treats its citizens as well as the United States government despite our problems? I don’t.

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Trump isn’t mad at Jared for the Mueller probe

I get why no one is saying this, but it’s basically true, and I will say it. Trump isn’t mad at Jared for the Mueller probe. If it were that, he would be mad at his son and himself and many others. Trump is mad that Jared gets to fuck his daughter and he can’t. It’s sublimation, projection. It’s messed-up icky psychological stuff.

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NFL players got punished

It’s about time these NFL players got punished for their childish behavior when are they going to grow up and realize the world does not go around just because they exist we made them famous we can break them as well

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Trump Nicknames

Imagine this, even the New York Times agreed the nickname was fabulous, which immediately makes you think of how much he is appreciated in China. Lines of people were clapping and cheering as Trump walked by. The president of China even invited Trump to the honorable dinner in the Forbidden City, where no leader ever visited. Why wasn’t Obama invited or revered like this hmm? Looks like we’ve finally got a “real” and truly respected LEADER back in the White House. ~ MAGA!

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Trump did a pretty good job

I think Trump did a pretty good job on his Asia trip. One can’t expect a POTUS to be returning home without any deal on weapon sales, Trump did it on Japan and SK, Trump brought back billions of sales from China, he did what he needs to say in APEC touching a little on SCS, a little on NK, he done his homework. Why was he still being criticized is because he wasn’t as aggressive as his other predecessors when dealing with China and he didn’t press PDU on the “human rights”. He was seen over friendly to non allies and this justified as “didn’t draw any major win”. Isn’t Deep State agenda is so clear, is always war related not genuine business deals.

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Sanders Supporters Don’t Care About the Russia Investigation

I have deep respect for Sen. Bernie Sanders. While it is sure to draw readers, I would not have titled this op-ed as it is presented. Many Sanders supporters are deeply concerned about the Trump administration-Russian oligarchy quid pro quo. However, I believe the writer’s cautionary thrust is an important contribution to the discussion of the road forward for U.S. politics.

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Going into Walmart on Black Friday

Just look at all the things you can spend your money on…can’t wait to get something else I don’t need…but will rush to buy!
Actually there is nothing more fun than going into Walmart on Black Thursday…the crowds are hostile…irate…and ready to kill to save $5 on some towels…and don’t you dare get near the TV’s…You will be shot.

A Policeman gave a speech and said ‘we are opening this line…if you push and shove…you will be arrested’…he did not finish the statement before he was pushed aside. Great Stuff…go to see the people…not to buy…you will have a great evening watching aggression and avarice go head to head!

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Roy Moore not stepping back or stepping down

Just heard Roy Moore’s press conference. I am so happy he’s not stepping back or stepping down. In fact, he said the one person who should step down is Mitch McConnell, and he is right. Thank you, Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate. I’m proud of you. I can’t wait until you are seated in the Senate and can take on the establishment Republicans.
I’ll post a link to the press conference as soon as it’s available.

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